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Getting health with REIKI

Almost 3 months ago, during semester break of my French course, I attended to reiki healing short workshop, held at Jl. Wijayakusuma - Jakarta Selatan, not so far from home, known as Dapur Susu near Fatmawati Hospital.

I’ve already heard about Reiki for more than 5 years ago, since my husband received an attunement from Reiki Master. At that time, his colleague, a lecturer at Faculty of Engineering – University of Indonesia, organized a free Energy’s Healing at campus Salemba, every Saturday and opened attunement for the interested person.

Year by year after, Reiki has already known as an alternative natural’s healing. As a consequent, the workshop entrance’s fee became more and more expensive, especially for the lecturer’s financial capacity. That was the reason, why the same workshop has been especially organized for the lecturers at Depok’s Campus and my husband attended for the second times.

Then, a couple years has passed away while suddenly, a wife of my colleague who has been attacked seriously by lupus and got paralyzed, she need to be healed naturally since a traditional china’s medicine practitioner discovered that she was empoisoned by excessive modern medicine’s treatment. My colleague, who has moved away to MalangEast Java and already heard about the practice of reiki a year before, asked me to find the practitioner of reiki to help his wife. After a series of treatments, his wife got better day by day. Now, both of them, become Reiki practitioner and the wife has recover her healthy and finally have a second infants, a couple months ago.

To be frank, in the beginning, I was not so attracted by energy healing, while I always try to avoid a contact with modern healing practiced by medical doctors. In other side, my husband had been initiated into Reiki, so I just ask him to heal me when needed. That should be very simple, isn’t it? In fact, it’s not so easy since I always think that he was not seriously in practicing this energy healing for the health’s prevention for member of family. That the real reason, why, finally I decided to be a practitioner of Reiki.

What’s Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word representing universal life energy and a form of natural’s healing that’s becoming popular worldwide. This life energy can be found around us. The word it self, is derived from rei, meaning “free passage” or “transcendental spirit” and ki meaning “vital life force energy” or “universal life energy”.

Reiki was founded by DR Mikao Usui in the mid to late 1800s and was introduced to the western world in the mid 1970s after having passed away from many reiki’s master and since, the reiki use has spread dramatically worldwide.

Now, there are many forms of reiki being practice, as well as in Indonesia, but the two principal forms are The Usui System of Natural Healing and The Radiance Technique.

Reiki is useful in treating serious illness as well as others such as sports injuries, cuts, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders and stress related to illness.

How to become a Reiki Practitioner?
To be a practitioner of reiki is very simple. By attending a reiki workshop and receiving an attunement, everybody will automatically become a practitioner of reiki and be able to heal everybody we want. Once people are attuned, the power of reiki stays for the whole lifetime.

Is it that simple? The answer is …yes! But, as usual, for being able a good practitioner, we need some self-training. The first series of training is practicing “The Whole Body Reiki” for 21 days consecutive. The purpose of whole body reiki is to purifying the soul and body of the newcomer. But at the meantime, the new practitioners are able to heal anyone whose need their help.

Is reiki work properly to heal?
The power of reiki is quite unimaginable for non practitioner. To be frank, in the first week after attunement, I am not very sure of the power of reiki till the day when a colleague told me that she got headache and need a pill to remedy. I told her, that I have been attuned into reiki and if she believed on natural/energy healing, just let me practiced it. As she was agreed to do it, I asked her to sit in front of me and I tried to give her the energy. A couple minutes after, she told me that she got better and didn’t need a pill anymore.

The second occasion was in the middle of a very stressing meeting at Malang where I tried the same way and it worked, as well as when my daughter got gastro problem after having too much mandarin (orange) at once. After suffering with a series vomit all  night long, I tried to give her reiki energy. And with God’s permission, after twice reiki’s healing, her condition became better than before, although the symptom was not totally disappeared. At least she didn’t need too much medicine, just a day. 

The most recent proof of reiki’s healing, was on me. A week ago, I was attacked by gastro problems after having a small portion of rice fermented with chocolate syrup for finishing my diner. I was deeply suffered and thought not to be able to go to the office in the morning. Then, I did reiki self healing twice. The night, just a couple minutes after the attack and in the morning before going to the office. The result was quite ok. At least I could drive my car and work for the whole office hour.

That’s my experience with Reiki. Am I a practitioner of Reiki, now?
Of course not ….. Being initiated to reiki is one of many ways to prevent my family’s health and, of course, mine. Not more!!! And the reason is just because I don’t like to spend a lot of money to pay some Indonesian doctors who are now becoming a kind of economical animal, nor to buy the very expensive price of medicines at the pharmacies while most Indonesian have no health protection.

But … who know if one day, as a retreat, I decide to be a reiki master, to help everybody, especially the poor or unlucky peoples, freely. It will sound good, isn’t it…? As a believer, it should be a good investment before dying, for me. Let God decide and I will follow. 

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