Minggu, 12 April 2020


Bagaimana rasanya ketika orang yang kita kenal dekat, dikonfirmasi positif terpapar virus covid-19? Sedih ....? Tentu ... tapi... apa yang bisa kita lakukan selain berdoa bagi kesembuhannya? Berikut cerita yang ditulisnya:

2:52 AM · Apr 6, 2020·Twitter for Android
It's official. I'm confirmed positive for covid19. 

I landed back in Australia on 2 April and immediately went into mandatory 14 days quarantine in a hotel. 

I started to feel mild symptoms in the morning of 3 April (sore throat and full body fatigue). I thought there was a chance. It was just tiredness from the long flights but wouldn't have been surprised if it was covid19 as I've been in close vicinity of someone who fell ill with covid19 symptoms just days earlier (I left Europe 31 March). I called the onsite nurse and they took swabs

The next day (4 April) symptoms got worse. Same symptoms (sore throat and full body ache) but they were much much worse. I then spent most of the next 24 hours in bed. I woke up on 5 April with breathing difficulties. Just found it hard to get air into my lungs.

Later that day a doctor came into my room to check on my breathing. I got sent to a hospital for chest xray and blood test. Chest xray was clear heart inflammation due to viral infection was the diagnosis. Right before they released me from hospital they told me that I'm positive. 

They must have fast tracked my test result cause I was there. I am now back in quarantine. My body feels much better compared to 2 days ago. Throat still sore. Chest still uncomfortable when I'm breathing and I am trying to contact people that I know I have come in close contact with in the last 14 days. 

Luckily not that many since I've been in isolation for almost 2 weeks before I left Europe. But I think about the TSA officer who should have been wearing a mask when patting me down. I think about the flight attendants who leaned in too close when asking what I wanted to drink. I think about everyone who just couldn't respect my now wider radius of personal space. This is why I think all flights should be grounded. Any essential need for travel should be eliminated. Including citizens returning to their ''home'' countries.  

In my case.. I decided to return to Australia knowing I would have access to medical and financial support in case anything were to happen and that's proven to be the case. But in doing so I risked spreading the virus globally by going through 4 airports, 3 airplanes and 3 buses. 

I am on team 'keeping everyone where they are and giving them the support they need regardless of nationalities'. This is a global issue. Countries should be working together instead of dumping problems to each other


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